We will work with partners in our focal countries to realise the objectives of the foundation at the local level.

Partners in India

SOMA: SOMA is a not-for-profit organization, founded by a group of health professionals lead by Dr. V. Raman Kutty who is a paediatrician and public health specialist, in 1992. In these 29 years, SOMA has planned, designed and implemented many health care and child protection programmes across India. They have worked with a wide spectrum of clients which includes - governments, multilaterals, bilateral donors, international NGOs, Private sector and NGOs.

Sanjeevani Vikas Evam Jan Kalyan Samiti : Sanjeevani Vikas Evam Jan Kalyan Samiti is a nonprofit, rural development and voluntary organisation whose mission is to eliminate poverty, unemployment, poor health and illiteracy. Sanjeevani is an indigenous NGO based in Almora District in Northern India (Himalyan Rigion). It was formed in 2000 by a group of social workers. Sanjeevani have been providing voluntary services to women empowerment & awareness, expansion of education, health, development science & technology awareness in common people, and create jobs in rural areas since its inception.

Partners in Indonesia

Aisyiyah Central Board - Indonesia - 'Aisyiyah is a Muhammadiyah women's organization founded in 1917. 'Aisyiyah aims to be proactive in dealing with problems and challenges in society including the problems of women and children in the health sector. Programs and activities are carried out with the support of the organization 'Aisyiyah Muhammadiyah which has an organizational structure from the central to the village level, which to date has organizational leadership in 34 provinces, 450 cities / districts, and 2875 branches / districts, and 15093 branches. /village. Aisyiyah is experienced in international collaborations with organizations including IPAS-USA, Global Fund, DFAT/previously Australia Aid and John Hopkins University.

Partners in UAE

Currently we are in the process of developing project for pre-term babies and their families in collaboration with Hhospitals, medical organisations, NGOs, the government and community organisations.

Partners in Kenya

LION’s Sight First Eye Hospital: The hospital has significantly strengthened the capacity to provide speciality eye care services in Nairobi and now planning to scale up in Kisumu, Western Kenya. The LION’s Sight First Eye Hospital in Kisumu is being developed to become teaching and referral speciality ophthalmology centre in Western Kenya.


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